Smruthi Krishnan
1 min readSep 20, 2020

I’d often imagine us walking barefoot on the moon
Star gazing as we float away
Into the night sky
As seconds pass into minutes
Minutes into hours
And hours into endless aeons
Until we lose ourselves to time
And time itself ceases
And we find ourselves
Amongst these stars.
Amongst this chaos,
A miniscule cosmos - us.

Somehow it doesn't vex me, that we are two mere humans in this vast galaxy. But I look at you, a mere glance, and I know my existence has reason.

And you, my love
Smell of space.
You smell of space and
Every breath you take fills up the abyss in my heart
And I know what home must feel like.

I'd often imagine us walking barefoot on the moon but
What if you float away
And I'm left alone, astray?
Waiting for aeons to find my home; waiting forever for someone who smells like space. ~



Smruthi Krishnan

Economics Major. Aspiring Journalist. I write poems, sometimes.